Free Book - Hazard Analysis Primer

Build a deeper understanding of hazard analysis by learning from techniques developed in the aerospace industry. 

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Case Study - FDA Warning Letter

Learn how failing to update your risk matrix based on post-market surveillance can lead to a FDA warning letter and best practices to avoid this situation.

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Audit Preparation Tips

Learn why it is critical to clearly understand the auditor's perspective and prepare well to achieve a successful outcome in an audit of your risk management system.

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Hazard Analysis Made Easy Webinar

Surprising fact  FMEA is not hazard analysis! Learn about hazard analysis in this pre-recorded webinar and get a free template

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Case Study - Class I Recall

Learn how failing to recognize new hazards or hazardous situations arising from risk control measures can lead to a Class I recall, and best practices to avoid this situation.

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Benefit-Risk Analysis Case Study

Benefit-risk analysis proves to be challenging in practice because there is no cookie-cutter formula. Here are some practical tips using a case study from the FDA.

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Join more than 1000 risk practitioners in our Let's Talk Risk! community. Catch up on latest articles, live discussions, community chat and much more!

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