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Quick Tip - Be aware of the effect of risk perception

risk analysis risk evaaluation risk management risk perception Jul 20, 2023

People perceive risks differently. Each one of us has our own perception of risk, which affects our judgments and decisions.

Research shows that risk perception influences our judgments and decisions silently, without any conscious thoughts. It may be tempting to label someone as irrational or biased when their view does not conform to the dominant group position. But it is a natural outcome of the differences in our personal values and experiences.

When you evaluate risks in a team setting, it is very important to be aware of the silent effect of risk perception. Establish a common understanding of the contextdefinitions and criteria for risk evaluation. Allow individual differences of opinions to surface naturally, without undermining or suppressing them. Then facilitate a group discussion to reach alignment on risk ratings and acceptability judgments.

Diversity in group thinking can be an asset, but you need good facilitation.

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