Hazard Analysis Made Easy

Build a solid understanding of hazard analysis and get a simple template to do it right for your medical device.


Key Terms

Gain a solid understanding of the key terms such as hazard, hazardous situation.

Key Relationships

Learn how to relate hazards to harms through hazardous situation using a top-down and a bottom-up approach.

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Get a free template for Hazard Analysis you can use right away.

It sounds simple, but analyzing hazards associated with a medical device proves to be challenging in practice!

Surprising fact: FMEA is not Hazard Analysis.

I know from more than 10 years of medical device industry experience that most people find it very difficult to do hazard analysis. 

In a lot of cases, FMEAs (Failure Mode Effects Analysis) is used as the only tool for risk analysis. 

Did you know that FMEA is really not suitable for hazard analysis? In this webinar, I will show you why and how you can use a very simple template to do your hazard analysis and link it to your FMEA.

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